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Plancraft specialise in the following fields:

P.U. (Polyurethane) Moulding:

General Moulding of polyurethane (PU) materials, including integral skin foam, Elastomer rubbers and Rigid PU ultimately for the Safety market, coving harder objects to comply to the Heath and Safety guide lines.

These can be from soft (sponge like) foam to harder rigid sections (dense rubber), injected onto panels or moulded into various forms/shapes.

Plancraft are to supply Mould Tooling for various applications.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Moulding:

 General moulding of glass reinforced plastic, and composite materials, plus repairs and services of GRP materials.

Plancraft also use GRP moulding as backing panels for the P U moulding process.


Special items Manufacturing  process.

Plancraft offer a complete service from design to installation on the above items.

Please call or email us your requirements.



Company Profile

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company . Our team consists of highly skilled tradesmen and engineers who are conscious of the fact that quality, reliability and completion dates are paramount to business. 

We maintain competitiveness by keeping our overheads to a minimum and wherever possible obtaining materials direct from manufacturers.

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