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Our company specializes in many areas of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) moulding, Composite (Kevlar/ carbon fibre) moulding, including repairs/ services to GRP and composite products.





GRP is an extremely versatile, strong and a cost effective plastic material for small/ medium scale production. It can be made into almost any shape and the top gel coat can be of a colour or texture to suit its application. Where higher strength to weight ratio is required, Kevlar or Carbon fibre can be used either with or as well as GRP.


There is a list of advantages over other materials such as: High strength to weight ratio, Good for small to medium scale reproduction of simple and complex components, can be colourised in the  manufacturing process eliminating the need for 'spraying', finished surface can have almost any texture (smooth, anti slip, chequer plate, etc)


Applications/ products manufactured by us include:-

  • Car components; body shells, doors, bonnets, hard tops, Van components/ load liners.


  •      Machine covers, guards/ enclosures, Water tanks/ covers, Litterbins,

  • Boats; hulls decks, seats, dash panels, covers,

  • Canopies, Panels/ fascias, Sign/ display boards (including vinyl lettering).


  • Flat roofing/ roofing profiles, flashings, 


Key Benefits

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q       Lightweight,

q       Good impact resistance,

q       Non-ageing, non corroding,

q       Low cost tooling,

q       Good electrical insulator,

q       Fire retardant resins are available.  

  • We can carry out full projects, part projects, batches, or even one off젡s required. 

  • Our services also include research and development, design, prototyping, tooling, development of patterns moulds and jigs. 

  • We will share tooling/ mould costs with you based on the agreement that we use that particular tool exclusively for you and not for anyone else, and you use only us to make the product in question.

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